Healthy Breakfasts With Farm Fresh Ingredients

  A delicious continental breakfast is served in your room, delivered the night before, and consists of homemade sweet breads made with fruits and nuts grown on the farm along with juice, cheese, coffee, tea and fresh fruit. Our fresh Fig Bread with Grand Marnier and Strawberry with Coconut have received accolades.

Grapes, pears, blueberries, blackberries and figs from the orchard are served in season. Homemade granola is a specialty of the house. Chloe’s homemade strawberry jam and Blueberry-Blackberry Jam made from our own fruit are guest favorites.

We use as many locally grown foods and products as possible. Our quiches are made with locally raised free range chicken eggs and ingredients from the cook’s garden are served with at least one edible flower or mint sprig as garnish.

Pumpkin bread